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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept custom requests/projects?

This depends on the request. I will always be open to accepting custom projects because they are great for gaining knowledge and expertise. However, I will prioritize fulfilling existing orders and requests. If you have a project, send me a message and let's talk about it.

Do you make end-grain cutting boards only?

I prefer to use end-grain for making cutting boards or butcher blocks because I think end-grain lasts longer. End-grain will also be more gentle on your knives so they won't dull as easily.

I can make edge grain cutting boards or butcher blocks as well. Let me know.

What does "oiled & waxed" mean for your boards?

Any product I make that I know will be in contact with food is oiled & waxed.

I use the oil and wax products of Caron & Doucet, a Canadian company based in Quebec.

The oil (Cutting Board Oil) is first applied to each board to prevent drying and cracking and to clean and eliminate odors.

Once the oil has cured (usually overnight), I meticulously apply a layer of wood wax (Cutting Board Wax). This wax not only extends the life of the wood but also provides a waterproof barrier, preventing the absorption of liquids that can lead to food stains, water damage, and bacteria growth.

Why do you only sell in Canada?

Because I'm Canadian—just kidding, I'm new to this, so I think it would simplify things. I will open the store for US and International delivery soon. Join my newsletter (see below), and I'll keep you posted.

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